The Verso Live Story

Verso live was started to offer fellow broadcast industry professionals the same solution we ourselves were looking for.

We wanted to find a solution for the challenges we’ve come up against, time and time again, during our team’s 25 years working in the broadcast graphics industry.

We wanted to address slow rendering times and poor real-time performance, as well as significant costs and restrictions to the various systems already available.

In the meantime, we saw the games industry launching world-class 3D systems at a fraction of the cost. An idea was born.

Drawing on the exceptional visual graphics capabilities of Unreal Engine, we set out to create a flexible, open system that anyone could use to create high-quality broadcast graphics.

Using our own extensive experience, as well as our in-house skills, we knew just what capabilities the system needed to perform in a real-time environment. We knew the system had to be responsive, reliable and visually impressive, while also being easy to learn and use. We set out to create a system that didn’t just meet our own needs, it provided a solution for the industry as a whole.

Verso Live may only be at the start of its journey, but with over 300 live sports broadcasts already set to adopt the system, we’re confident in saying it will open up the industry in a transformative, impactful way.

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