Graphics Operator & Control Interface

Thanks to the VLS interface, you can use Verso Live and Unreal Engine as a ‘traditional’ CG. You can fill in text fields, set images, and save graphics to page files or separate them out into different playlists/rundowns.

While Verso Live is a desktop application, the VLS interface runs anywhere, on any modern browser (i.e. Chrome, Firefox).

You don’t need to install additional software on end-user machines. The VLS interface controls Verso Live over a network connection using the same public JSON API for Verso Live.

The VLS Interface is included with Verso Live at no additional cost. Multiple instances of the VLS Interface can be run and connected to Verso Live – there are no licensing constraints.

Coming soon

We’re working towards easy data integration, where the user can select any XML, JSON or spreadsheet data source, then bind data to elements in their graphics.

We’re also looking at remote production control. This would mean you could control remote Verso Live systems over cloud-connected VLS interfaces.

Finally, we’re working on adding the new standard Unreal Engine remote API to the VLS interface. This would allow you to control more than text, images and movies. It’ll allow you to alter colours, the size of objects, positioning and more.

Using Verso Live

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